Der Tourismusort Bad Mitterndorf liegt in der Mitte österreichs. Nur 1Stund 20 Minuten von Salzburg 1Stund 50 Minuten von Graz und 3 Stunden von Wien und nur 3 Stunden und 50 Minuten von München entfernt.
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Infobüro Bad Mitterndorf
A - 8983 Bad Mitterndorf Nr. 59
Telefon: ++43 (0) 3623 / 2444
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GEMEINDE Bad Mitterndorf
A - 8983 Bad Mitterndorf 59
Telefon: ++43 (0) 3623 / 2202
Fax: ++43 (0) 3623 / 2202-33
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Centre for Exercise and Rehabilitation

Learn about healthy exercise for an active life free of pain!

You have pain in your joints or your back or suffer from biomechanical stress after injuries or operations?

Our philosophy is based on:

  • individual consultation
  • professional help
  • team cooperation

Take together with us the first step towards understanding the needs of your musculo-skeletal system-muscular system.

Surgery of Dr. Brennessel

Zauchen 151
Tel. Nr. +43/(0)3623/315320

Therapy offers for

  • shoulder/neck (cervical syndrome, tensions, headaches)
  • back (bad posture, different length of legs)
  • joints (injuries, osteoarthritis)
  • foot (defective position, hallux)
  • exercise (mass sports, leisure)
  • muscle formation (after injuries)
  • MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology)


  • Dr. Martin Brennessel
    Specialist for casualty surgery
    Neural therapy
    Manual therapy
    MBT instructor

  • Pamela Neuper
    Certified physical therapist
    Sports physical therapist
    Manual therapist
    MBT instructor

  • Marko Mörth
    MBT instructor
    Head of the MBT base

  • Erik Stix
    Massage therapist, next to NKD, Bad Mitterndorf 
    Sports therapist
    MBT instructor

  • Mag. Gerhard Zand
    Medical nutritionist
    for leisure and serious athletes